How do you make sure you feel good about yourself again?



How you feel about yourself largely determines the amount of pleasure you get from daily activities. If you are not feeling well, it can be for various reasons. Finding the cause is often very difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can achieve a positive effect on your well-being regardless of the cause.

Bad breathing makes you tired

Your breathing plays a major role in your well-being. If you breathe a lot and too fast, it can indicate stress. When you are in balance, you take about eight breaths per minute. Yet most do not achieve this and unconsciously opt for a shallow and rapid breath. Changing this can be a very good move. However, it is often very difficult to achieve this. A tool could come in handy for that.

Breathing Exercises Can Help

One way you could improve breathing is to do breathing exercises on a regular basis. The Bach Rescue breathing exercises are a good option for this. With breathing exercises it is important that you work on this regularly. Doing a breathing exercise every now and then usually does not have the desired effect. Therefore, plan the breathing exercises well and take it seriously. You’ll have to find out for yourself whether it works.

Sport contributes to a good feeling

Another way to improve your well-being is by exercising regularly. Sports initiates all kinds of processes and you notice that. For example, during and after running you can end up in a runner’s high. This has to do with the amount of hormones released during running. Running can therefore help people who are prone to depression.

If you want to exercise intensively, it is important that you know what you are doing. Sports tips Bach Rescue could help with this. Different types of valuable tips are given. Always keep in mind that these are tips and it is especially important what you do with them.

Sleep is essential for a good feeling during the day

A good night’s sleep is underestimated by most. By sleeping regularly and long enough, you get a lot more out of your day. In addition, you feel much more comfortable in your own skin and you can notice a difference after a good night’s sleep. Keep in mind that it is also important that you are constantly working on this when sleeping.