No more sore feet



Wearing nice shoes is a pleasure that many women value. Cute shoes with nice heels are not only beautiful but they also provide a lot of wearing pleasure and added confidence. But there are also disadvantages to wearing these pumps. Namely that you will have sore feet in no time. Every woman knows the urge to take off your shoes after a night out and prefer to walk home barefoot. But this is of course dangerous. There are certainly ways to ensure that you no longer have sore feet. In this article, we’ll discuss how to wear nice shoes without constantly having sore feet.

Right material

The first step is to only buy pumps made of suede and leather. These are both materials that will mold to the foot and thus prevent painful pressure marks. At the same time, it is also a material that breathes and therefore the chance of foul odors is also a lot smaller.

Platform pumps

Many women who wear pumps all day have a burning sensation in the balls of their feet at the end of the day. This is often because they have a thin sole in the pump. When you choose pumps with a thicker sole, such as a platform sole, you have more cushioning and this provides a more pleasant feeling.

Use shoe trees

Shoe trees are useful tools for tensioning the width and length of the shoe. Do you notice that your new pumps are really a bit too narrow? Then you can stretch the width with a shoe tree. The same is also true for the length. It can be painful if they are just a bit too small, especially when you are breaking in your new shoes. In that case, a shoe tree can help.

Bring other shoes

Another smart tip is to just bring a larger handbag with room for an extra pair of very comfortable shoes. You can then just change your shoes at the end of the day or an evening out and put on more comfortable shoes. You can also choose to wear more comfortable shoes anyway. Comfortable shoes can also be luxurious. Think, for example, of Veja sneakers. These eco-friendly Veja sneakers women are minimalist, feminine and stylish. Ideal if you want to wear comfortable shoes without them no longer being feminine and sexy. They are available at Van Arendonk, among others.